Search Engine Optimization

Optimization of a website requires the unique process and practice of SEO. Our focus is to rank your website on the search engine result – or (SERPs). SEO’s purpose is to rank your website as high as possible on search engines such as: Google and Yahoo, so when customers type a heading or phrase pertaining to your item of sale, the website will be easily accessible to potential buyers.

Various internet studies show that most users will only click on the first page of results. For this reason it is important to engage in certain SEO practices to ensure that your website ranks highly for certain set keywords, as we can see from the example below:


SEO-Link Building

Link building makes sure websites have greater exposure in search engines, by building links into your website that are relevant to the clients business.

Most search engines function on the basis that if a website has a number of other sites linked to it, there is an increase in the sites significance and reputation, and therefore the site will be ranked higher in result pages (SERPS). Higher ranked pages will yield better results, which creates higher potential for greater exposure.

There are a variety of link building activities that can be performed. Below are some of the method we use:

Submission to the best online web directories. If not performed correctly this can damage your sites ranking ability.
Exchanging links with relevant sites.
Create articles that contain useful information that link back to your website, usually a blog.
Use web 2.0 strategies to increase exposure.

SEO-Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO. It is essential to target the correct keywords, as targeting the incorrect keywords will be useless, and all efforts will be for nothing.

Keywords are words people use when searching for information on the search engine. For example if you were looking for a wed developer, you would type the words: “web developer” within a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. The word “web developer” is seen as a keyword (not just the word “web” or the word “developer”). Another example of a keyword pertaining to the same service would be: “wed developer South Africa”. This would be an entirely different keyword.

Search terms or keywords do tend to cluster together. This statistical phenomenon is very well known as the “long tail”. This can be applied to the way that online searches are performed.

It is essential and misunderstood, that it is important to target a keywords when doing SEO and online marketing. The website will not perform equally well in the search engines for all search terms. This means is that if a person types into Google the word “supplements” your website would not display on the first few pages, if you are selling second hand clothing. If someone was looking at purchasing second hand clothing, and the word clothing is a keyword that is searched a lot and does not have much competition, then this would possibly be an ideal word to target. This activity forms the bulk of SEO and online marketing strategies best suited for your business.
SEO-On-Site Optimization

The next activity to perform is ‘on-site optimization’. This is where the majority of the SEO work is done.

Web design is different from SEO and is not included in the cost, but will be put together in a specialised package if the client needs both a website and SEO.

To most clients ‘meta tags’ are the only component needed so that the website will run on the top of search engines, this is not the case as content needs to be edited and scripted, allowing search engine results to rank the website.

The ‘meta tags’ are the hidden text components that are not visible on the actual webpage, but only visible to search engines. These tags mainly consist of the page title (not strictly a meta tag, but very important nonetheless), the meta ‘description’ tag, and the ‘keywords’ meta tag. These tags are supposed to contain the keywords necessary for your site to rise to the top of search engines, but unfortunately this is not the case. The reasons for this is that;

It was too easy for people to change these tags and place to many keywords, thereby manipulating and rendering the search results. Google then changed the search engine algorithms to ignore these tags as the most important tag is the Title tag and content.

Overflow Online optimizes the website to make sure each page has unique title tags, meta tags well structured, keyword density not to high as if this is done incorrect, it may be seen as spam.

Before any of this is possible we need to do keyword research depending on your business market and who the client wants to target. This is the reason we don’t include the web design and SEO in the same cost but separately or part of the same package.

The SEO package includes:

  • Detailed Search Engine Optimization Report
  • Guarantees of positions for keywords and phrases
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve On site Search Engine Optimization
  • Improve Off site Search Engine Optimization
  • Improve Page Rank of your website
  • Testimonials from happy clients
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Info Leads
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Nicole De Saedeleer
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MegaWeb masters
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Diederick Beyers
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