Pay Per Lead Advertising

Overflow Online uses the latest in internet marketing, that takes return on investment into consideration. On occasion it’s irrelevant to bombard your site with traffic because you can never be guaranteed how many visitors will become leads.

Here are the steps needed for cost per lead advertising.

  • Decide your budget to pay for a lead
  • We design a banner ad for your company
  • Overflow Online will place your banner on our 8500 partner sites
  • A potential customer will click on the banner ad (you still don’t pay)
  • The customer will fill out a contact us form (lead form)
  • You will pay Overflow Online a percentage per lead

Please note: The client that clicks on the advertising material needs to complete the form, if this is not performed by the potential client you do not pay. This is free online advertising which will produce extensive brand awareness at no cost!

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