Google Advertising

We design your advert

We create adverts and choose relevant keywords, which are words or phrases pertaining to your business.

Your adverts will appear on Google’s sponsored list

When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your advert may appear next to the search results. These potential clients are actively searching for your business or related businesses through Google.

Customers come to you

The potential client will simply click on your company’s advert and make use of your service, make a purchase, or learn more about your company. We can design a search engine friendly website that will generate results, and the best part is you only pay per click.


Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising

Main steps to consider when advertising on Facebook

  1. Narrow down your target market to gender, age, marital status etc
  2. Overflow Online will design a banner ad for your business
  3. When your target market is on Facebook your banner advert will appear
  4. When your defined target market clicks on your banner ad, this is when you will pay


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